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Brand: XPOWER Model: D-231328
Hard On Gel strengthens the power of erections. A simple application of this aphrodisiac gel on the glans allows to find a good rigidity of penis. Thus, it allows to increase the sexual tension to its maximum. Kissable and condom-friendly, this gel is ideal for spicing up steamy foreplay.Hard On Gel..
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Brand: PJUR Model: D-230691
A retardant delay spray for men. Its active ingredient is tannic acid from oak bark, which has an astringent (contraction) effect. Combined with panthenol, this spray offers a soothing skin sensation and reduces hypersensitivity.Pjur® is a world leader in the manufacture of anal and vaginal lubr..
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Brand: PJUR Model: D-230687
For more power and duration! The ultimate retardant spray for men. Carefully balanced ingredients prolong enjoyment and can prevent premature ejaculation. Dermatologically tested, compatible with latex condoms and suitable for daily use.Delay Spray for Men: Optimized formula with natural ginger extr..
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Brand: PJUR Model: D-230444
The extra dose of pjur feeling for all those who want more. Performance-boosting Ginkgo extracts have been processed with the third natural ingredient in the special product series for stimulation. The water-based premium lubricant was developed specially for men who are keen to harness and prolong ..
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Brand: XPOWER Model: D-229427
Improve vitality and virility thanks to Pro Virility Caps, our food supplement and part of our XPOWER product range. Tribulus helps to the increase testosterone level and improves erections.Vitamin B6 helps reduce fatigue and boost your vitality and sexual performance. And vitamin B5 contributes to ..
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Brand: XPOWER Model: D-229426
Hot Shot Sex Booster is the new energy shot of the XPOWER product range, perfectly suited for men and women.Hot Shot Sex Booster increases the libido, stimulates sex drive and intensifies sexual relations. Based on natural ingredients, such as, maca, a natural aphrodisiac and ginseng and guarana Hot..
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Brand: XPOWER Model: D-229424
Erection Booster Gel Stimulates and boosts your erection Gel 60 mlHighlights: Erection Booster Gel enhances longer and more powerful erections and helps you to boost your sexual performance. Cayenne Pepper gets your blood flowing in a natural way and stimulates erection. This effect is even more int..
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Brand: ORGIE Model: D-228356
Sexual pheromone is a set of odorless and imperceptible substances produced by the body that, when released, promote the chemistry of attraction between individuals of the same species. In humans, the male sexual pheromone is the androstadienone. Sensfeel for him is a natural active ingredient ..
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Brand: INVERMA Model: D-226885
Massage cream for men's intimacies.Take care of and clean the penis and develop an erotic smell. It prevents the lack of erection (too small a virile member) and increases the blood supply. It allows to obtain a fast erection in the penis. MAGNAPHALL CREAM EXTRA FORTE increases your virility. Go..
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Brand: MARAL GEL Model: D-224994
Maral Gel is an innovative product in gel form, which guarantees an immediate effect of strengthening erections. The product is completely safe and contains only natural ingredients. Maral Gel can be used by men of all ages. Using Maral Gel on an erection does not cause any side effects and has the ..
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Brand: ORGIE Model: D-223045
Exciting and erection potentializing gel. Provides harder erections and arousal.With paprika and other stimulating actives in its formula, Xtra Hard provides more powerful erections. Daily use of Xtra Hard promotes more effective results. Power gel for him Stimulating gel for men Powerful erections&..
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Brand: RUF Model: D-223841
Perfect care cream for the penis, pleasantly scented. Apply daily to the entire length of the penis and massage until completely absorbed. It contains eucalyptol.75 ml container...
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