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Brand: ORGIE Model: D-222988
With ingredients from Amazon rainforest She spot provides delicious multiple sensations that evolve and shift during its action: tingling (vibration), coolness, warmth and a mild piquancy.G-spot is characterized as an erogenous zone of the vagina which can lead to high levels of sexual arousal, inte..
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Brand: KAMASUTRA COSMETICS Model: D-210626
An intimate intensifying gel for her that enhances sensual satisfaction with a gentle pulsating sensation on the skin. The unique formula encourages heightened sensation and intensifies sensual response. An exciting, icy, tingling sensation that electrifies your most passionate moments.The fresh sce..
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Brand: TENTACIONES Model: D-201484
Female Orgasmic temptation with cooling effect gel, stimulates circulation blood and sensitizes the area clitorial favoring the female orgasm.Apply a small amount in the clitoral area and feel like its refreshing effect causes you a pleasant sensation, now let your partner masajee your clitoris and ..
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Brand: EROS-ART Model: D-209378
Briefcase with 5 basic products to have sure success in sex: - Spray for more duration, as long as you want; - Super lubricant dilating gel and "gel to accelerate female orgasm" - Spray to have more power and more erection and to increase and intensify the pleasure of women - Feowoman erotic perfume..
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Brand: EROS-ART Model: D-196470
Local stimulant super female orgasm Enhancer gel and intimate exclusive and very useful for today's woman. It has effects glass active and stimulating the erogenous zones and the tactoreceptores and sensitising, active of the female orgasm. It has aphrodisiac effects and exciting properties. It ..
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Brand: EROS-ART Model: D-197967
It is an intimate natural oil for women, it is sliding, lubricant, very sensual, activates the passion, gives sensitivity and manages to be a real treat for the senses, notably improving intimate relationships that are more you pleasant, sensual and pleasurable.It is a natural, very active and intel..
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It is a female revolutionary cream that contains essential active substances that promote clitoral sensitivity.CLITORIX ACTIVE promotes blood flow to the genital area, giving her a help to get started and can impact positively on sexual desire and intensifying the sensation of pleasure .Do not let s..
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Brand: SHUNGA APHRODISIACS Model: D12-23103
Made from natural ingredients with astringent properties, this gel is designed for women wishing to tone up loose vagina muscles and have a tighter embrace on their partner.The gel also helps prevent vaginal bacterial and fungal infections, eliminate unpleasant odor and restore vaginal lubrication. ..
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Brand: SHUNGA APHRODISIACS Model: D12-201347
Did you know that every woman has a G-Spot?The G-Spot stimulation can lead to intense feelings and new heights of sexual arousal, even to multiple orgasms within a same intercourse!Discover the Rain of Love to: learn how to localize the G-Spot; discover, with or without a partner, your G-Spot; explo..
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