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For breasts

Brand: LABOPHYTO Model: D-229417
For Whom ? Women who are not satisfied with their breast size Women who want to improve the firmness of their breastsThe active ingredients Pepper: this spice contributes to the smooth functioning of the reproductive system in women. It also favours blood circulation in the blood vessels and capilla..
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Brand: LABOPHYTO Model: D-229416
For Whom ? Women who want a beautiful neckline Women who want to improve bust firmnessThe active ingredients Castor oil has a nourishing and hydrating action Fucus helps tone the mammary tissues for a firmer appearanceUse Take a few drops of firming gel on your fingertips then apply in circular, bot..
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Brand: RUF Model: D-223835
Beauty cream for the buttocks. Its complex formula contains different active ingredients such as sweet almond oil and clove essential oil that stimulate blood circulation and provide good hydration for a softer touch.The action of lemon oil together with a daily massage helps fight cellulite and giv..
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Brand: RUF Model: D-223836
Beauty cream for the chest with moisturizing and toning actions (due to its action on the superficial layers of the epidermis). This non-greasy cream helps maintain elasticity and skin tone. The plant extracts in this cream and the hydrolyzed elastin extract are highly recommended to preserve the de..
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Brand: COBECO - BEAUTY Model: D-199901
CC Fabulous Breasts Cream is an exclusive cream that lifts and firms the breasts in a unique way. Supports the natural beauty. The unique formula based on natural ingredients improves the elasticity of the skin, giving it a sensible healthy touch and lets the breasts look lifted.CC Fabulous Breasts ..
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Brand: BIJOUX SLOW SEX Model: D-221575
A line of intimate care promoting real pleasure from the first kiss to the last touch.In a world where human interaction is mostly virtual, where life is a daily race, SLOW SEX is an invitationto let go of all external stimulation and to focus on what is real: your sensations.Putting prejudice aside..
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Paint it onto the irresistible areas of your body and surrender to his desires. Caress, kiss, savor... bite!Experiment with your senses, test your sensitivity and find out at what temperature desire becomes ardent and passion is aroused. 2 x 13 ml..
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