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Brand: KHEPER GAMES Model: D-237671
Discover the latest trend in anti-stress toys with our Boob Pop-It Toy. This innovative device is not only a great stress reliever, but it is also a unique and fun way to pass the time. Now adults can relax too, while enjoying the bubble-popping sensation that this popular toy provides.Characteristi..
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Brand: KHEPER GAMES Model: D-213296
Share sexy surprises with your lover with SEX! Crackers. Includes 2 SEX! Crackers; one for him and one for her. Pull on both ends to open a surprise collection of sex toys, sex games, and sex position cards. The “For Him” Cracker contains: a cock ring, 3 SEX! Scratch Tickets with winning..
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Brand: KHEPER GAMES Model: D-234507
20 romantic SEX! Coupons to give to your lover whenever youre feeling generous...and in the mood for hot SEX! Each coupon offers a unique sexual position! The ideal game for couples...
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Brand: KHEPER GAMES Model: D-234502
20 romantic Let's F*ck! coupons to give to your lover whenever you're feeling generous... and horny! Each coupon offers a unique sexual fucking adventure!..
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Brand: KHEPER GAMES Model: D-234503
10 Slutty Coupons for him to enjoy He gets to present coupons to her when he wants to redeem one of the humorous, yet sexually satisfying, coupons Examples include, “Be My Porn Star!” and “Pull My Parking Break.” Includes: 10 Hilarious and Sexy Coupons..
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Brand: KHEPER GAMES Model: D-219084
A whole LOAD of fun! Fling it at someone you love, “unload” on your friends, “frost” an adult cake, spooge on someone’s desk, shock your in-laws, use in a two weeks notice, give your roommate a “wet” dream, or buy several and GO NUTS! Includes: 15 grams of s..
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Brand: KHEPER GAMES Model: D-213293
Each coupon offers a unique Kama Sutra sexual position.  Cupons with kamasutra sexual position . To play and enjoy with your lover..
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Brand: KHEPER GAMES Model: D-194903
Would you like to be blindfolded, whipped, or tied up? Find out!Bondage Seductions allows you to safely explore the curious world of restraints, dominance, pleasurable pain and submissiveness.Play as a game or simply use one card for each adventure.Game includes: 36 bondage seductions cards, 2 silky..
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Brand: KHEPER GAMES Model: D-223099
The board game where you answer personal questions and perform erotic activities with your lover as you move around the game board. Explore seven categories of intimate fun, while you earn sexual rewards.The winner gets to select the reward coin to act out, but the other player selects which of the ..
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Brand: KHEPER GAMES Model: D-202332
The game of erotic education and sexual satisfaction. You and your lover learn about each other's libidos while answering sex tip related questions. The person who answers ten questions correctly first, wins, and gets to select the sex tip the couple acts out.Includes 40 Sex Position trivia card..
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Brand: KHEPER GAMES Model: D-202331
Hours and Weeks of Adult Fun! A couple reads the We've Never cards to each other and celebrates what they have done together. If they have not done the sexual activity on a card, but decide that they would want to do it in the future, they save the card and toast the adventure. Play with your fa..
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