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Brand: SECRETPLAY 100% GAMES Model: D-232980
Play & Roulette is the perfect game to bring your excitement level to the maximum!Instructions:To start the game each player must choose odd or even and roll one dice. The player who gets it right starts the game. In case of a tie, each player rolls the dice again.The roulette contains three indepen..
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Brand: SECRETPLAY 100% GAMES Model: D-229451
DISCOVER YOUR PARTNER´S SEXUAL FANTASY IN THE MOST EXCITING WAY!You and your partner will travel through time to meet in the 18th century as a couple of fiery lovers who hide to unleash all of their lust and passion in the rooms of a great Rococo Palace.Shuffle the cards and place each pile in..
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Brand: SECRETPLAY 100% GAMES Model: D-229450
THE PERFECT GAME TO GET THE PASSION STARTED!The game contains: 176 test cards: 88 cards for him 88 cards for her 1 Game board 2 Pawns 2 Dice 1 Vibrator 1 Feather Tickler 1 Silk Restraint 1 HourglassGame rules: First, choose the drink that each player will drink during the course of the game. The gam..
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Brand: SECRETPLAY 100% GAMES Model: D-227047
Throw the dice and perform the indicated posture, use the hourglass to time, you must perform the indicated posture until time runs out (1 minute), your partner will roll the dice to practice the next position. The player who reaches orgasm earlier loses the gameLanguages; French, Spanish, Italian, ..
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Brand: SECRETPLAY 100% GAMES Model: D-222244
SEX PLAY CARD GAME in FRENCH AND PORTUGUESEWe play? Tonight ... SEX PLAY!SEX PLAY is a card game, where you will get to know your partner more, questions, seduction, erotic fantasies and everything you have never thought of doing. Will you be able to go to the end? Discover sex in a different way, f..
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Brand: SECRETPLAY 100% GAMES Model: D-222227
CONTAINS: 24 Chocolate Cards (12 dark chocolate cards and 12 milk chocolate cards) 24 Spicy Cards (12 mild cards and 12 hot spicy cards) 1 Bandage GAME RULES: There are a total of 48 cards divided into 24 Chocolate cards (12 dark chocolate cards and 12 milk chocolate cards) and 24 Spicy cards (..
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Brand: SECRETPLAY 100% GAMES Model: D-222223
Contains: 40 test cards 1 Bandage 1 Chocolate Body PenGame rules:The game consists of 40 cards divided according to intensity: 20 cards of lower intensity, 10 cards of medium intensity and 10 cards of maximum intensity.The cards have 1 to 3 drops of chocolate depending on the intensity: 1 point: low..
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Brand: SECRETPLAY 100% GAMES Model: D-222219
Would you last 29 days playing sex games? Challenge yourself with this game in which you will rediscover the world of sex beyond penetration. With these challenges you will reach the maximum level of excitement, since the game goes from low to high intensity, the first tests being softer and reachi..
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Brand: SECRETPLAY 100% GAMES Model: D-222215
These 50 checks will make you have a good time, exciting you and inspiring you with the diversity of options they contain to surprise your partner or friends. 50 pages 180 x 100 mm Languages: French and Portuguese..
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Brand: ARIA Model: D-220064
The participants of the game will sit in a circle and one will be chosen at orange blossom to start the turn. The player who starts the game will throw the black dice (action) and a colored die (body areas) all other players must roll a die of one color. The black die player will perform the action ..
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Brand: SECRETPLAY 100% GAMES Model: D-218418
Break your routine with Secret Play´s new game: Out of Routine Play.How to play? Simple! The person who gets the highest score on the numbered dice begins. Throw the dice with the coloured circles to see the colour for the type of test you have to take. In "LONG LIVE ROMANCE" you have tes..
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Brand: SECRETPLAY 100% GAMES Model: D-215173
Are you looking for original and fun ideas to surprise your friends ? This is your game. PARTY PLAY. Have fun with your partner or your friends. You can play 2-4 or more people. ( +18 ) Get your fun side!!HOW TO PLAY:The older player throws the black dice (ACTION) and one colored dice (PART OF THE B..
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