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Brand: COBECO - VELV'Or Model: D-205439
Velv’Or AID BeHarder Penis Erection Cream is a unique cream that helps to stimulate an erection. Supports long lasting enjoyment and more pleasure. The unique formula based on natural plant extracts stimulates the blood circulation to the male genitals, which results in an optimal erection.* T..
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Brand: COBECO - VELV'Or Model: D-205438
Velv’Or AID BeBoosted Penis Stimulation Cream makes an erection stronger, thicker and firmer.This cream contains a unique combination of natural ingredients, which stimulate the blood circulation and support the function of the erectile tissue. Velv’Or AID BeBoosted cream helps the penis..
Ex Tax:10.66€
Brand: COBECO - VELV'Or Model: D-211376
Velv'Or AID BeOpen Anal Relax Lube is an intimate lubricant, which ensures pleasant relaxation during anal intercourse thanks to the thick and unique gliding texture with light anesthetic ingredients.This intimate lubricant has a hydrating and moisturizing effect. It gives more comfort during se..
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Brand: COBECO - VELV'Or Model: D-211375
Velv'Or AID BeSteady Penis Delay Spray helps to prevent a premature ejaculation and provides more confidence for man. This unique spray has a slightly anesthetic effect and reduces the sensitivity of the penis, causing the ejaculation to be delayed.A premature ejaculation is a common problem for..
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Brand: COBECO - VELV'Or Model: D-205440
Velv’Or AID BeEnduring Penis Delay Cream is a refreshing cream based on a unique formula, which delays the ejaculation. For long lasting sexual pleasure and enjoyment.Velv’Or AID BeEnduring has a light numbing effect on the male’s intimate areas and thereby helps to prevent a prema..
Ex Tax:10.66€
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