If you are already a lover of sex toys, then you are already having the best time of your sex life. However, if you are one of those people who need enlightenment on how these adult games make your sex life with your partner better, then you should not miss this article.

Buying your first toy is the same as buying other things that you know nothing about. It could be an exciting yet frustrating experience. It's true, especially if you're not sure what kind of sex toy to look for or what you need to know about these adult entertainment devices.

So to help you out of the frustration you may be feeling, here are the things a beginner should know when buying their first sex toys.

Which toy suits you best?

The sex toy market offers many variations designed to offer different types of satisfaction. So, before you rush and settle for the first toy you see, make sure you check yourself and ask yourself which toy suits you best? This question is essential as you need to consider what type of simulation suits you for best enjoyment.

Do you like G-spot, vaginal, clitoral or anal stimulation? Then there are toys identified for these target areas. 

Apart from that, it is worth mentioning to beginners to sex toys that there are different power intensities and options from which you could choose. So, it would be best to research or ask about the right amount of intensity to feel pleasure and not pain. 

Make sure, it is safe for the body.

Make sure that the sex toys you choose follow the general rule that the materials used are safe for the body. So, what are the materials that are safe for the body that you need to be aware of? The materials in question include silicone, glass and wood. Although there are many toys that are body safe and offered in the market, there are still many scams out there. 

This is why it is best to buy adult entertainment devices at a reputable brand.

Include your partner when choosing.

do you want to share with your partner the experience of sex toys?Then it would be best to take your partner's opinion into account when choosing so that both of you are satisfied. Since sex toys can significantly increase the pleasure and thrill in you and your partner's sex life, you should talk to your partner before you actually use them during your sexual intercourse. 

Moreover, it would also be best for you to assure your partner that there is nothing wrong with them. Why? Because some people assume that they are not good at sex; that's why they resort to using sex toys.

The hygiene of sex toys is essential.

This may be obvious, but it is sometimes overlooked. There are also other times when one only washes the device and leaves it unattended or throws it down in a place where no one knows about it except oneself. However, it is important to stress that knowing how to properly wash and care for your sex toy is essential. 

Luckily for you, cleaning your sex toys is simple. All you need is to wash your sex toys after each use with mild antibacterial soap and dry them with a damp cloth. Also, remember that most sex toys come with a travel bag or case for proper storage of the item. So, make sure to keep them in their packaging. 

Finally, silicone sex toys are prone to attracting dust, so you should dry them with a hair dryer on the coolest setting after washing and then store them safely.

Get a good lubricant

Getting a good lube is great, whether you're a beginner or an expert at erotic toys. Why? Well, it reduces friction, which makes your experience smoother and much more enjoyable. 

It is highly recommended for good lubricants to use water-based lubricants, as they will not affect the materials of the sex toy. Knowing the material of your sex toy is another thing to be aware of, as the lubricant can affect your device. For example, it was a rule of thumb that silicone lubricants break down silicone toys. 

However, there are instances when silicone lubricants are fine for pure silicone toys. It all comes down to doing a spot test before using the lubricants! 

Get it

Sex toys are now a topic that can be freely discussed in society. It is no longer shunned, nor is it a taboo subject between women and men. So, if you are looking for new thrills in your sex life and want to heat things up, why not explore the extraordinary adventure that sex toys can offer?