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Brand: BIJOUX PETITS BONBONS Model: D-195210
Where will the dice fall? Sometimes, love is a matter of chance. Use these dice to discover how lucky you are in love. Bijoux Indiscrets’ dice game has been designed so you can personalize it: you control the intensity of the game every time. Contents: 3 dices – 3 sets of 9 repositionabl..
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Brand: BIJOUX PETITS BONBONS Model: D-195208
A license for pleasure. The secret weapon that though tiny in size provides powerful performance. Slide this small bullet over your partner’s body to discover a whole world of new sensations.The powerful vibrations guarantee hours of pleasure, and it can be carried with you wherever you choose..
Ex Tax:9.88€
Brand: BIJOUX PETITS BONBONS Model: D-195209
These two soft ribbons conceal a dangerous secret... By looping the end of the ribbon through the hole, you have strong handcuffs which will surround your wrists with silky sensation, leaving your bound by their delicacy. These soft cuffs are the perfect starting point for someone interested in the ..
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Brand: BIJOUX PETITS BONBONS Model: D55-21772
Trust your lover, enjoy the sensations and let yourself be drawn into the surprise. Use our Blind Passion Mask to shield yourself from your lover's intentions, and let every tough become a surprise. The sense of the unknown allows your body to feel all the thrills of caresses, whispers and smell..
Ex Tax:7.40€
A caress is the excuse for getting close.The Tickle Me Tickler can be used to thrill and tease your entire body. Let the sensation take you over, as you play with your lover and stimulate every corner of their body with our delicate feathers. The soft touch of the feathers on your skin will take you..
Ex Tax:7.40€
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