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Brand: LABOPHYTO Model: D-229405
For Whom ? Men wanting to stimulate their erections Men wanting to speed up stiff and hard erections before sexThe active ingredients Cayenne pepper stimulates erections by acting on the blood flow in the penis Sunflower seeds have a hydrating effect that boosts the effect of the pepperUse Apply the..
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Brand: LABOPHYTO Model: D-229389
For Whom ? Men who want to conceive a child and maximize their chances of successThe active ingredients Maca: this plant has a beneficial effect on fertility Milk vetch: this plant stimulates sperm motility Vitamin E: helps protect the cells from oxidative stress Vitamins B5: it contributes to norma..
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Brand: LABOPHYTO Model: D-229407
For Whom ? Men who want a longer and thicker penis Men who want stronger erectionsThe active ingredients Lovage: This plant improves sexual stamina and strengthens virility Ginseng : Helps induce and improve erections Piper Nigrum: Boosts blood circulation through the small blood vessels and capilla..
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Brand: XPOWER Model: D-229429
Penis Development Cream of the XPOWER product range has been designed for men who want to increase the size of their penis.Applied daily, Penis Development Cream stimulates the blood vessels of your sex. It stimulates the blood circulation and supports the function of the erectile tissue. You will s..
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Brand: LABOPHYTO Model: D-229402
For Whom ? Men wanting more intense orgasms by increasing semen volume Men wanting to improve the quality of their spermThe active ingredients Saffron: Helps increase sperm volume Milk vetch: this plant stimulates sperm motility Maca: Stimulates sexual desire Carnitine and TaurineDosage 2 capsules a..
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Brand: LABOPHYTO Model: D-229403
For Whom ? Men who want to boost their sexual lives Men suffering from stress and fatigue, often responsible for temporary and often seasonal lack of desireThe active ingredients Maca: This aphrodisiac stimulates sexual desire Ginseng: Helps induce and improve erections Tribulus: Helps maintain the ..
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Brand: LABOPHYTO Model: D-229401
MaxiPower Shot Stimulates physical and mental energy Shot of 20 mlBenefits Boosts energy. Reduces fatigue. Promotes physical and mental performance.Zoom on MaxiPower Shot Ginseng supports vitality and promotes physical performance. Guarana helps to feel more energetic and to reduce mental tiredness...
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Brand: WUG SEX SENSE Model: D-228992
ERECT gum incorporates 50 mg of MACA, a plant used by the Aztecs as a natural invigorating, it enhances the sexual appetite and thanks to its high concentration of arginine increases erection. Zinc contributes to the normal maintenance of testosterone levels. Vitamin B6 that decreases tiredness..
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Brand: EROS-ART Model: D-223305
Concentrated natural product without perfumes. Wake up sexual desire Increases the power of seduction Boost self-esteem and confidenceYou will be more seductive, confident and magnetic in the eyes of others. "FEROWOMAN Concentre": It is the powerful combination of two ingredients of natural extracts..
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Brand: BIJOUX SLOW SEX Model: D-221607
A line of intimate care promoting real pleasure from the first kiss to the last touch.In a world where human interaction is mostly virtual, where life is a daily race, SLOW SEX is an invitationto let go of all external stimulation and to focus on what is real: your sensations.Putting prejudice aside..
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Brand: EROS-ART Model: D-199236
Chocolat "eros-art" perfume is a fragrance with notes of chocolate Brazil and Ambergris, combined with a body of caramel and musk. It is a fragrance different, full of sensuality and eroticism able to carry you through abysses of maximum exaltation of a libido... PERFUME CHOCOLAT "eros-art" is ..
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