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Brand: COQUETTE COSMETICS Model: D-228655
Flirtatious or coquette person is one who is smug, careful in his personal arrangement and everything which could make him seem attractive. After all demanding with himself, therefore, he cannot allow it to last less than the count in his relationships ruins everything. That..
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Brand: XPOWER Model: D-231327
Prolong Gel is intended to improve sexual relations. This gel helps to better control ejaculations thanks to its natural ingredients such as peppermint. Controlling your ejaculation well is at the heart of fulfilling sexual relations, Prolong Gel accompanies you in this control of enjoyment.Prolong ..
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Brand: XPOWER Model: D-229432
Delay Wipes are a new format of our XPOWER Delay gel.Delay Wipes delay premature ejaculation, thanks to natural ingredients such as Peppermint and St John's Wort. They increase sexual performance and pleasure thanks to the delaying effects. The gel allows to control better your ejaculation and m..
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Brand: XPOWER Model: D-229431
Delay Gel from the XPOWER product range helps to delay ejaculation and to last longer during sex, thanks to the effects of Peppermint and the St John's Wort.Applying simple and quickly one or two pumps of the delaying gel to the head of the penis just before sex is enough for the gentle numbing ..
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Brand: LABOPHYTO Model: D-229400
To delay an ejaculation. For external use only.Directions for use: Shake well before use. Spray 2 to 5 times (= 1 to 2 ml) on the penis. A possible cloudiness of the liquid does not reduce the effect. Before using the spray on a regular basis; apply a small amount to your forearm. If an allergic rea..
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Brand: LABOPHYTO Model: D-229398
For Whom ? Men with premature ejaculation issues Men wanting to make sex last longerThe active ingredients Saint John’s Wort reduces the contraction of the muscle responsible for erections Oats reduce the sensitivity of the nerves Peppermint (gel) and Menthol (wipes) have a numbing effect that..
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Brand: LABOPHYTO Model: D-229397
For Whom ? Men with premature ejaculation issues Men who to make sex last longer Men stressed out by their sexual performance 1 in 5 men are affected by premature ejaculation in their lifetimeThe active ingredients Rhodiola: Helps cope with emotional stress Ginseng: Helps maintain good sexual relati..
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Brand: WUG SEX SENSE Model: D-228991
DELAY gum incorporates ANGELICA SINENSIS, better known with "Female Ginseng" that contributes to increase the lipid and blood supply in the pelvic area.It also helps to combat premature ejaculation. It also includes other active ingredients that help enhance its effects, such as Maca, Zinc, Selenium..
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Brand: INVERMA Model: D-226883
Delay cream for men, which helps in cases of premature ejaculation, prolonging the time it takes a man to reach orgasm, allowing the partner to enjoy sex, instead of being worried about whether it ends in a hasty way.It seems to be the most normal thing in the world for men to reach orgasm before wo..
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Tauro Extra Power is an intimate high-concentration delay spray for men that is perfect for prolonging the duration of intimate encounters.It does not anaesthetise or cool, leaving natural sensations unaltered for your full enjoyment. An entirely natural, herb-based product, it is free from lidocain..
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T5 is an intimate retardant for men based on herbal extracts, ideal for maximizing the duration of sexual intercourse. Like the Taurus Extra Power and unlike other spray retardants on the market, T5 does not anesthetize or cool, keeping the area's sensitivity unchanged. Its completely natural he..
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