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Brand: LABOPHYTO Model: D-229405
For Whom ? Men wanting to stimulate their erections Men wanting to speed up stiff and hard erections before sexThe active ingredients Cayenne pepper stimulates erections by acting on the blood flow in the penis Sunflower seeds have a hydrating effect that boosts the effect of the pepperUse Apply the..
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Brand: LABOPHYTO Model: D-229389
For Whom ? Men who want to conceive a child and maximize their chances of successThe active ingredients Maca: this plant has a beneficial effect on fertility Milk vetch: this plant stimulates sperm motility Vitamin E: helps protect the cells from oxidative stress Vitamins B5: it contributes to norma..
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Brand: LABOPHYTO Model: D-229407
For Whom ? Men who want a longer and thicker penis Men who want stronger erectionsThe active ingredients Lovage: This plant improves sexual stamina and strengthens virility Ginseng : Helps induce and improve erections Piper Nigrum: Boosts blood circulation through the small blood vessels and capilla..
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Brand: COQUETTE COSMETICS Model: D-228655
Flirtatious or coquette person is one who is smug, careful in his personal arrangement and everything which could make him seem attractive. After all demanding with himself, therefore, he cannot allow it to last less than the count in his relationships ruins everything. That..
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Brand: RUF Model: D-215552
Sexovital is an original herbal food supplement. Thanks to its spray, this easy-to-use sexual stimulant is composed of mint, savory and ginger root extract. Volume in ml 20..
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Lady Dream is a stimulating gel for the female clitoral area that should be applied before sex Lady Dream increases desire and sexual pleasure as well as the frequency and intensity of orgasms. This is a safe and practical gel for all women. Its main ingredient, L-arginine, is an amino acid tha..
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Brand: COBECO - FEMALE Model: D-230072
Spanish Drops Extra is a sexual libido enhancement supplement that promises to increase sensitivity, as well as the overall sex drive.Effectively designed for both active women and men to boost pleasure and desire. Stimulating aphrodisiac combines a propriety formulation of L-Arginine and Vitamin C ..
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Brand: COBECO - HEALTH Model: D-219417
The drops are easily and quickly absorbed by the body to offer an energetic impulse. The balanced formula makes use of the qualities of Kola nut, the main active ingredient of this product. Vitamin C has as antioxidant a supporting function and contributes to a healthy function of the nervous s..
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Brand: RUF Model: D-215545
Drop Sex is a sexual enhancer for men and women, mainly comoposed of savor'y extract which helps to maintain normal sexual desire  USE Consume 7 to 15 drops in any kind of drink 30 minutes before the sexual activity SAVORY  The savory of the mountains is a plant from the medi..
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Brand: RUF Model: D-215547
Aphrodict Guarana Zn + is a dietary supplement that contains mostly Guarana seed extract with aphrodisiac properties that stimulate the sexual functionsGuarana : Fight against physical fatigue brings vitality Improves physical performance AphrodisiacGuarana from Brazil , has been used for millennia ..
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Brand: RUF Model: D-215551
It is a food supplement with extracts of Muira Pajama indicated for sexual stimulation. Take in a varied and balanced diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.Using advice: pour 1 to 2 tablespoons of coffee into any drink to promote erection. Maximum daily dose 4 cuharadas of coffee. (12 ml)Pa..
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Brand: RUF Model: D-213984
The Bois Bander is a food supplement for men and women made with Brazilian herbal . This sexual enhancer is composed mainly extract Muira Puama, an active ingredient known for its stimulating and energizing properties . It is generally advised in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions.Muira Puama : He..
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